10 5 Useful Tips and Tricks for Your Rice Cooker

The majority of people who use rice cookers on a daily basis believe that this kitchen appliance is only to prepare or cook the rice dishes. The main reason behind this strong belief is the name that it got, “Rice Cooker” that’s why people think that they can only use it for cooking the rice dishes only. But it is not the whole truth; we are saying this because you can easily use a typical rice cooker for various purposes.

Therefore, we have decided to list five useful tips and tricks for your rice cooker and how you can use it to cook or prepare different dishes. So, let’s find out what are these tips and tricks and how you can use them to make your experience amazing with your rice cooker.

1. Using As A Slow Cooker:

As the rice cooker’s name suggests, you can use it to cook delicious rice dishes. But other than this, you can also use it as a slow cooker. Yeah, we know that some of you might be wondering how this is even possible. Right? It is possible because some advanced types of rice cookers come with multiple preset programs. And one of the most popular and useful features is “slow cooking.” To use this slow cooker, you first have to change the cooker’s setting from the default; then, you can use it as a slow cooker.

But the only thing that you always need to keep in mind is that you should continuously monitor or check the food from time to time. It’s because the typical slow cookers come with different time settings, and if you are preparing a slow-cooked meal, so usually a standard slow cooker takes more than 1 hour.

2. You Can Use It As Steamer:

Most of the time, when you buy a typical rice cooker, then you will also get the steamer tray out of the box. Actually, this steamer tray allows you to use a rice cooker as a steamer to prepare or cook steamed vegetables and other delicious dishes. To use a typical rise cooker as a steamer, you just need to pour the water inside the cooker’s inner pot. Then wait until the steam starts rising, and if you notice that the steam is rising now, then put the steamer tray on to the cooker.

Now your rice cooker is ready, and you can easily use it as a steamer. Just put the vegetables and food items that you want to steam cook and cover the cooker with the lid. Surprisingly, a rice cooker can be an easy and suitable replacement for standard and bulky steamers.

3. Perfect For Boiling:

Do you know a rice cooker can also be a good option for boiling purposes? The ordinary pots and pans take a bit longer to boil the water, but instead, if you try the same with a typical rice cooker, you will notice that it is an easy and quick way to boil water. This thing is possible with the rice cookers because most of them come with a good heat conductivity material of the inner pot, which allows them to easily conduct and retain the heat for a long time.

And because of the better heat retention, it becomes an excellent option for boiling vegetables, and eggs. Just pour the rice cooker with more than half capacity and then wait until the temperature rises, then insert the food items that you want to boil.

4. Seems A Great Option For Stews And Soups:

We are damn sure that most of you don’t know about this capability of using the rice cooker for stews and soups. The even heat transfer, as well as a suitable design for various purposes, also makes it ideal for making soups. And because there is an inner pot present inside a rice cooker that doesn’t have contact with the rice cooker’s outer surface. When you are preparing the stews or soups with a rice cooker, you can use it without burning your fingers. It’s because the outer surface of the rice cooker doesn’t heat up too much.

And because the heat retention of rice cookers is a bit higher than normal cookers, you can keep the stews or soups warm until you serve them.

5. Using It For Pastries:

Yeah, it is obvious that the rice cookers are not the ovens in which we can bake or prepare many dishes. But yead, for some tasks like baking bread and pancakes, you can use a typical rice cooker. If you want that in this case, the rice cooker works smoothly for you, then you need to change the settings of the rice cooker.

These were some of the tips and tricks for your rice cooker; you can use these tips and tricks to make your rice cooker more versatile as well as useful.

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