10 All About Cooking With Cast Iron

Cast iron material is not that popular as stainless steel or aluminum, but it can serve far better than the other materials if you use it in the right way. Therefore, cooking with cast iron utensils or cookware can sometimes be challenging if you don’t know how to use it. If you use it with proper maintenance, good quality of cast iron cookware can last for generations.

Today, here we are going to talk about everything you need to know about cast-iron material and the cookware. And we will cover the benefits of cooking with cast iron cookware and the maintenance section, which is an important part, so let’s get dive into it.

Benefits of Cooking With Cast Iron Cookware:

There are several benefits of using cast iron cookware instead of any other material of utensils or cookware.

Natural Non-Stick:

Cast iron built cookware are some of the cookware that doesn’t come with the non-stick layering, or you can say synthetic non-stick layering. It’s because, before using a typical cast iron utensil, you first need to do the seasoning process. And because of the seasoning, the cast iron utensil acquires a slippery and non-stick surface, which can serve dramatically better than the other synthetic non-stick layering.

Excellent Heat Retention:

It is a great thing that the cast iron material has higher heat retention as compared to other materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. The main reason behind the higher heat retention of cast iron is that it is not good at conducting heat quickly. That’s why it takes a bit longer to heat before starting cooking properly. Also, because of this property, you can directly use cast iron cookware on the campfire.


If you have used the aluminum or copper built cookware in your kitchen, you may know that this type of cookware shows the food items’ reaction. Most of the time, it happens when you are cooking or preparing alkaline or acidic meals. As a result, these reactions can leave a metallic flavor in the dish that many people don’t like. Thankfully, there is no such case with the cast iron built utensils or cookware; it’s because it is completely non-reactive.

Maintenance of Cast Iron Built Cookware:

If you really want to use your purchased cast iron pan/pot or any other kitchen utensil, then you must need to follow below-listed maintenance factors.


Whenever you buy a cast iron built cookware, the first thing you need to ensure before the possible use is to season it properly. The seasoning process of cast iron pans/pots does not only enhance the longevity but also it helps to form a natural non-stick layering on the top. To complete the seasoning process correctly, you should go through these below-listed points.

  • First thing first, take some amount of sea salt, then put it inside the utensil or cookware. After that, make sure to gently scrub the sea salt on the whole surface of the utensil. It would be great if you do it for more than 15 minutes, then you can move forward to the next step.
  • The next step is to wash the cast iron cookware with warm water normally; it will help remove all the dust and sea salt from the cookware’s surface.
  • Now, it is time to introduce the unsaturated oils to the cast iron material; we suggest that you use the vegetable oil for this task. Gently spread the vegetable oil all around the surface of cookware that you are seasoning.
  • Now, heat the overall cookware with 450 degrees of Fahrenheit, it is normal the pan or pot produces a bit of smoke.
  • For better results, try to do this whole process for more than three times, because at the end you will get properly seasoned cast iron cookware.

That’s it; this was the seasoning process of cast iron utensils, now you can let it cook down for use it. And yeah, if you want to store your cast iron utensils, then make sure the first season them properly and then move forward to storing. 


The cleaning process of cast iron material is not that hard, but you can only use it within a few minutes. It is only possible because of the natural non-stick and smooth layering that it comes with. The experts suggest that you should not scrub the cast iron built cookware firmly instead of gently doing it. It’s because you may end up getting the scratches inside the cookware.

One more thing that you should always follow to clean the cast iron utensils gently and correctly is that you should always use warm or hot water. We are saying this because warm or hot water can easily dissolve the stuck food from the pan or pot’s surface.

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