10 Best Pressure Canners

If you wish to save time in the kitchen, you must invest in a good pressure canner. And even then, you will have wholesome food that is full of nutrients on your plate. Pressure canning is a great solution for all the food-preserving problems in the kitchen. And did you know? Pressure canners work even better than freezers when it comes to food preservation. They are the best, which is why many people have started incorporating their use in the kitchen.

Once you start canning in a pressure canner, you will never have to take rounds of the market to buy food every week. Instead, you will have the full stock of food, and you won’t need anything else. But if you are new to understanding canning, you might have problems understanding why and how you should do canning. And when it is about pressure canners, you can also have some difficulties with selecting the pressure canner that will prove to be good for you. Therefore, today, we will help you will all these things.

Let us start the discussion of all the main things that you must know. we will also discuss the best canners for you –

Why Choose Pressure Canners

They help in saving waste.

Pressure canners are so good when it comes to preserving food. Many times we end up making more food than we can eat. These days you won’t find stray animals anywhere, and hence you won’t be able to feed them the extra food. Many people choose to give some of the food to their neighbors. However, some still end up with food that they are bound to throw in the dustbin. With a pressure canner, all of this can be easily ignored. All types of food, including meat, can be kept in the canner for a long time.

They help in saving money.

You might know that buying food items in bulk is far better than buying them in units. They also cost a lot less that way. However, some people refrain from doing so because they are always afraid that the food that they purchase will go bad. However, with canning, you can get your hands on the fresh produce in bulk and make it last longer. This is one of the most loved-things about pressure canners. We hope that you enjoy saving money too.

You won’t need a freezer once you go with a pressure canner.

Many people freeze meat in a freezer for weeks. Some opt to do that for months. However, even if you do that, you will have to defrost the meat before cooking it. If you don’t, you will simply not be able to cook it well. Also, if there is ever a power cut in your area, your freezer will turn off, and hence the meat will go bad. On the other hand, pressure canners will never need electricity, and you can preserve foods in them for months without any trouble. They will also help you save some money on the electricity bill. Isn’t that great?

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Pressure Canners that you can easily find in the market

  1. Pressure Canners by All American

All American has always introduced some of the best pressure canners to people. Their canners will meet many of your needs in the kitchen, and you will love using them again and again. No matter what the canner’s model is, it will still impress you with its amazing workability. Even after many years of heavy use of their canners, they still don’t give up. Generally, people opt for a capacity of 22.5 quarts. However, you will be able to find sizes bigger and smaller than that as well. Additionally, these days they are sticking to no-gasket designs. Hence, you won’t have to stress about them again and again. However, their price is high, so buy such pressure canners only if you can afford them.

  1. Pressure Canners by Granite Ware

Many of the pressure canners by Granite Ware can also work as cookers and steamers. Isn’t that outstanding? Generally, the sizes of the canners by them lie between 12 – 20 quarts. If you wish to find bigger sizes, you can access and take the help of the web. They are known to bring the most amazing kitchen cookware ever since 1893, and you can trust them fully. Their factory in Indiana is known to build cookware with the most intricate details and features. Even after many years of usage, many people who bought the Granite Ware pressure canners have claimed that they work just fine. They are known to be of the heavy-duty type, and they are also priced reasonably. However, if you own an induction stove, you will have to look for pressure canners by other brands.

  1. Pressure Canners by Presto

We like Presto pressure canners because they come with a hugely extended warranty. Therefore, if you have any trouble or problem with the canner, you can easily get it solved even after years of buying it from the market. You can use their canners on many of the glass stovetops and regular stovetops. Hence, you won’t need to buy and set up a separate stovetop for your pressure canner. Meats and veggies can both be canned in Presto Canners. We like their pressure canners, which are made using aluminum the most. Such canners do not warp, and they conduct heat all around in just a few minutes. However, if you have any problems with the canner’s gasket or gauge, you must return it immediately and stop using it as it is not a safe practice.

  1. Pressure Canners by Mirro

We have no words for Mirro’s pressure canners, and that is how much we love them. Many of the parts of their canners can be replaced easily. You will also never have trouble finding those parts in the market as Mirro is quite famous. One of the best things about the Mirro Pressure Canners is that they are low in price. Therefore, people who think that they cannot afford pressure canners can also get their hands on Mirro’s canners. In many of their most famous pressure canners, the low price is because they have used light aluminum for the construction. This is why the canners’ walls are also thin, and the entire canner is easy to move around.

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What should you look for while picking a Pressure Canner –


One of the primary key factors that a buyer must look for while purchasing a pressure canner is its size. If the size of the canner is too small, you will have to do the canning process in small batches. This will eat up a lot of time, and no one wants that, right? You might also need to wait for some time before you move on to the next batch. Therefore, stick to buying pressure canners with more space. In that way, you will be able to can small as well as large amounts of food that too very easily.

Safety Features

We have seen many people who avoid using pressure canners because they feel that they aren’t safe. Sometimes that can be true because we have seen canners bursting because of the extra pressure build up inside them. However, many manufacturers have now started adding various safety features so that you can be sure that things like that will never happen in your kitchen. One such feature is the pressure-release feature. With this, the canner releases extra pressure automatically, and you do not have to watch it out all the time.


For creating a good seal, many pressure canners have gaskets. Therefore, no matter which pressure canner, you pick ensure that it comes with the gasket. Extra air should not enter while canning. If it does, it will make the food go bad, and that can be extremely disappointing. One other thing we want to mention is that gaskets need replacement after a few years. So keep checking their functionality as you use them over the years. If your gasket lasts longer than ten years, that is a good thing but always remain cautious.


For some people, the price of pressure canner matters a lot. However, that varies from product to product and company to company. But luckily there are many canners that have a very economical price, and yet their working ability is over the top. You can watch out for them on many web sites. Additionally, you can also keep track of the upcoming sales as in such times; you will be required to pay way less than the maximum retail price of the pressure canner.


After reading everything, you would have realized how amazing and truly fantastic pressure canners can be. You can also learn how to use them easily as the internet is full of such educational videos. Ensure that you have also learned how you can pick the best canners. There are also many other brands that you can look for while opting for a pressure canner. We hope that the information that we brought today helped you in making that choice. We are sure you will have the right pressure canner. Happy shopping!

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