10 Best Pressure Cooker Chicken Recipes

Chicken is eaten in many ways. The juices that chicken has is far better than most of the meats. This is the reason why many people prefer chicken over pork or beef. When you make chicken, you can also keep the stock aside that you can use in making chicken soup. Honestly, there are many chicken recipes on the internet, and you can look at them at any time of the day. If you follow all the instructions in the recipes carefully, you will learn how to cook the chicken properly without ending up with uncooked bits on your plate.

However, if you are somewhat aware of the process, you might know that the chicken may take at least 30 minutes to get thoroughly cooked in conventional cookware. Many people find it long because they lead a hectic lifestyle and cannot afford to waste such a long time. If you are that person, we have some good news for you. Yes, you can try cooking chicken in a faster way. You can do it all just by using a pressure cooker. And don’t worry, the chicken will get wholly cooked, and yet its flavors and taste won’t be lost.

Today we have brought you two amazing chicken recipes that you can follow and bring to your plate just by using a pressure cooker as your main cookware. We hope you like them both. Let us discuss them –

Chicken Curry in Pressure Cooker

Chicken Curry in Pressure Cooker

  • Roughly chop 2-3 onions and sauté them in the cooker after you have added two tablespoons of oil. Continue the sautéing for four minutes until you notice the oil coming out at the border.
  • Now add two chopped tomatoes and sauté this mixture of tomato and onion for about four minutes. You will see that you are done when the tomatoes start getting softer and softer.
  • To this mixture, you are now supposed to add 250 grams of chicken. Make sure that you have given a quick wash to the chicken in the sink.
  • For spices, you can use the whole spice mixture. Sprinkle at least a tablespoon of the spices in the chicken and turn the flame to low. If you don’t, the spices will start burning.
  • Now add two tablespoons of the ginger garlic paste and keep sautéing in low flame for about three to four minutes. In this step, you can also add some green chilies.
  • Keep stirring everything for a minute or two, and after that, you will be ready to move to the next step.
  • Now add two cups of water in the chicken mixture and stir everything well before closing the lid.
  • After you are done stirring close the pressure cooker lid tightly. On high pressure cook the chicken continuously for five minutes. Do not overcook.
  • After releasing pressure, open the cooker and add salt to taste. You can also add lemon juice and cilantro if you want to.
  • The chicken curry is ready to serve.

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Honey Garlic Chicken in Pressure Cooker

Honey Garlic Chicken in Pressure Cooker

  • Combine half a cup of soy sauce, half a cup of tomato ketchup, and half a cup of honey in the pressure cooker.
  • Now add 750 grams of chicken in the above mixture and stir everything well.
  • Now just lock the cooker’s lid and cook everything in high pressure for nine minutes straight.
  • When you are done cooking, release the pressure and slowly open the cooker’s lid.
  • Remove the chicken and put it on a plate separately. Make sure to leave the liquid part in the cooker.
  • Now simmer the liquid mixture until it comes to a boil. In this step also add three minced cloves of garlic.
  • Take a small bowl and whisk two tablespoons of cornstarch and two tablespoons of water.
  • Pour this mixture to the liquid that is in the pressure cooker.
  • Continue the cooking process until you see the liquid becoming thicker and thicker.
  • Once you have reached the desired thickness, add the chicken that you kept separately on a plate.
  • Close the lid again and cook in high pressure for one minute.
  • You are now ready to enjoy the honey garlic chicken with either rice or bread.
  • You can also pour a spoonful of honey at the end when you are done plating.


There are many chicken recipes on the internet, but how many times have you found a recipe that lets you use a pressure cooker? A very few, right? We thought of shedding light on two of the most amazing and tasty chicken recipes that we have ever come along. Both these recipes do not require a lot of ingredients, and still, they are incredibly delicious. The best part is that the cooking time is very little, no matter which recipe you choose. You have to spend most of the time in the prep, and that is it. We hope you follow at least one of the two recipes that we mentioned today.

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