10 Everything You Need to Know About Induction Cooktops

Are you thinking about making your kitchen a modern kitchen? If yes is your answer, then one thing that you should always do is to choose the right type of modern kitchen appliances for your kitchen. And believe it or not, an induction cooktop will perfectly match the overall modern theme of your kitchen. However, the induction cooktops not only the modern kitchen’s trademark but also provides fantastic convenience for your daily meal preparation tasks. And in this post, let’s take a look at the things and special points about induction cooktops that you need to know.

What does an Induction Cooktop Mean, and how does it actually work?

It is the most common question that generally people ask, and to answer your question, we want to let you know that it is a perfect replacement for traditional cooking heat sources. Yes, you got it right, an induction-based cooktop can be the right replacement for conventional stoves. It’s because induction cooktops are the product that we have now because of advanced technology implementation. The standard stoves use the fuel to produce heat, but on the other hand, there is no need to fuel in induction cooktops because it works on the electricity instead of any other fuel options.

If you want to know how it produces the heat from electricity, we want to let you know that it works on the magnetic field interference model. In simple words, when you turn the induction cooktop on, then it creates the magnetic field, and when you put the metallic pot or pan on the cooktop, then it will heat up because of magnetic field interference. Now let’s take a look at the possible advantages, features, and downsides of induction based cooktops.

How induction cooktops can be very beneficial for you (Advantages):

There is not a single doubt that these induction based cooktops are full of advantages and benefits, so let’s talk about these advantages one by one.

Seriously Efficient:

Like we mentioned earlier that these induction based cooktops work on the basis of producing the magnetic field. Right? Therefore the induction cooktops become the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances. It is not only about electricity, but it is about heat energy as well. In short, when you cook food dishes on conventional stoves, then some percentage of heat energy just gets wasted; we know this because of the thermodynamics’ laws. But the induction cooktops are 70% more efficient than the other heat source that we use in the kitchen routinely. And if you are very serious about saving energy, then you should take it as the priority to buy an induction cooktop for your modern kitchen.

Safe Option:

Of course, you should always have a protective behavior when you have the standard stove as your primary cooking heat source. Especially when your children present in your kitchen, but if you have an induction cooktop option instead of the conventional stoves, then you don’t need to worry about getting burning issues anymore. It’s because the induction cooktops don’t produce the heat directly; they produce the magnetic field. And when it comes in contact with the metallic pots or utensils, only then the utensils automatically produce the heat.

Easy Maintenance Factor:

It sometimes happens that you are using the stoves for cooking any meal, and some splashes spread around the stove, and it just gets stick on it. But thankfully, there is no such case with the induction-based cooktops; it’s because you can just simply wipe out the dust and spilled food from the surface with the help of a damp cloth.

Features That Induction Cooktops Offer To An Customer:

There are many features that a standard induction-based cooktop can offer to a user, let’s take a look at some of the highly useful ones.

  • Most of the time, you will find out that almost all the induction cooktops come with the auto switch-off feature. Actually, this can be a very beneficial feature if mistakenly forget to turn the cooktop off, but thankfully, if your induction-based cooktop has the auto switch-off feature, then it will automatically turn off after a specific time.
  • No other traditional cooking heat source can provide safety as the induction-based cooktops.
  • Some induction cooktops also come with the warm food setting, and you can use it to keep your food warm until you serve it.

Possible Downsides of Induction Cooktops:

  • Because this type of cooktops works on the basis of converting the electricity into the magnetic field, that’s why if there is no electricity, which means no cooking. You need the electricity to cook with these induction cooktops; otherwise, these are worthless.
  • Only go with induction based cooktops options if your budget is allowing you to do this. It’s because the induction cooktops will cost you way higher than the traditional stoves.
  • If you haven’t used any induction cooktops yet, it may look confusing to use because there is a learning curve involved in it.
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