10 How to Cook with Stainless Steel Cookware?

As far as stainless steel cookware is concerned, you can find many options in the market. You can go for everything ranging from pots, pans, and skillets. These days you are also going to find many saucepans that are made using stainless steel. We like stainless steel a lot because it is very durable, and it is not going to give up easily. Additionally, taking care of stainless steel cookware is very easy, as you can toss them in the dishwasher for a quick and deep wash. They are the Old Gods of cookware and can be used every day.

However, many people still choose to go with other cookware. This might be because they do not know how to work with stainless steel. People often complain that their foods stick when they cook using the pans and skillets made of stainless steel. However, if you know some basic points, you will be able to avoid everything like that. Stainless steel is an amazing material. It doesn’t rust, and it doesn’t corrode. So, you must go with them, and today we will explain how you can use them correctly so that they last for years in your kitchen.

Let us discuss five factors that will determine a long life and correct usage of stainless steel cookware

Do not forget preheating and adding oil to your cookware

If you are using one of the stainless steel skillets for searing some food, you will have to preheat it before starting the cooking process. Whether you are cooking veggies or meat, this step is extremely crucial. Therefore, place your skillet on the stovetop and turn the heat on. After you think the skillet is heated enough, it will be time to add some oil. The oil will ensure that your food does not stick to the skillet’s surface and still cook evenly.

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Use a low temperature while you use stainless steel cookware

Generally, stainless steel cookware does not have a nonstick coating. Hence you have to be careful with the heat and temperature you choose while using them. Also, stainless steel utensils heat in all the places. Therefore, it does not mean that only the food in the center will be cooked well. Instead, food in all the spaces on the cookware will be evenly cooked and become soft. If a recipe mentions medium-high heat with stainless steel, you should go with low heat instead.

Cooking Meats

If you have done the entire preheating and oiling process correctly, cooking meat in stainless steel cookware won’t feel like trouble. Also, you can find that out very easily. If your meat is not sticking to the cookware while being cooked, you have done everything correctly, and you need not worry. Once a nice crust gets developed over the meat, it is ready to be flipped over. You will know when you must flip when you see the cookware releasing the meat slowly if you have to move the meat using a spatula, which means that you should give it some more time.

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Never take the brown bits of any food away

The brown bits you see at the bottom of the stainless steel cookware is known as fond. Fond constitutes a lot of deep flavors that can take your dish to the next level. Hence, you should not think of discarding it away from your food. To handle this fond well, you will have to add a little water and stir whatever you are cooking well. In little time you will see that the fond has completely mixed with the food, which means that you are good to go.

Never try to warp stainless steel cookware

You are not supposed to run water over stainless steel cookware as soon as you are done plating your food. Instead, you should leave them as they are so that they can cool down on their own. Also, if stainless steel cookware is exposed to high temperatures, they will undoubtedly warp. This will, in turn, reduce their overall life, and no one wants that. You are supposed to use stainless steel cookware for years and not just a few months.


There is not much information that you can access on the web concerning how one can cook using stainless steel cookware. Hence, we took this initiative to explain everything to you. We hope that you are well aware after you are done reading everything we have mentioned above. For making it all simple, we have tried to discuss all things in different descriptive pointers. We know for sure that you will find many of the things informative and try using them in your everyday life. Don’t be afraid to cook in stainless steel cookware. Just go for it.

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