10 How to Select the Right Blender for Smoothies?

Choosing the right blender for making smoothies and shakes is not a very easy task. If you want to ensure that you invest your money to buy the right type of blender, you have to consider several things before making the final purchase decision. But this is the section where most people don’t want to mess up with the research stuff; that’s why they outperform in this situation.

But if you are a person who doesn’t want to invest your money to buy a worthless blender according to your needs, make sure to read this post till the end. Here we are going to share some of the options that each buyer should consider before buying any blender for smoothies and even for other blending tasks.

Points That You Should Consider:

Types of Blenders:

When it comes to buying a blender and heading over to the market for this, it won’t take too long for you to find out that there are a total of four different types of blenders present in the market. The first and the most convenient blender type is the handheld blender. But the problem is that you can only use it for making simple smoothies only, and it can’t crush the ice as well. The second and most common type of blender is the traditional countertop blenders. This type of blender is also quite a good option only if you use it for making simple smoothies.

The third option is the Personal bullet blender; this type of blender is specifically present for making smoothies and shakes only. If you are looking for a typical smoothie blender, make sure to go with the Personal bullet blender option. The fourth and final type of blender is the high-performance blender; you can do almost all the blender tasks. But the only thing to consider about high-performance blenders is that they cost you a bit higher than other types.

Do Not Ignore The Capacity Section:

On the basis of capacity, there are many blenders present. If you want to use a blender for only yourself, and you don’t want to make more than two cup smoothie or shake at once. In this case, you should skip the capacity section, but if you want to make more cups of smoothie at once, then it becomes essential for you to look for the best.

When you head over to the market, you will automatically come to know that there is a three-cup capacity to 14 cup capacity of blender jars present. But in our opinion, you should buy a blender that comes with the primary jar with a capacity of at least seven to eight cups.

Primary Motor Power:

There are many differences and varieties present when it comes to buying the right type of blender for smoothies. In our opinion, choosing the right primary motor is also a personal preference, because you are especially looking for a blender for making smoothies, shakes, and purees. Right? Therefore, you should not look for the higher power of the primary motor because it can cost you a bit higher than the other blender options.

Considering the primary work purpose or uses, in our view, it should be a good decision if you choose a blender that comes with at least 550 watts of the primary motor. It would be great if you choose the motor power up to 1000 watts, and this is how you can expect that your chosen blender can perform all the routine blending tasks without a single issue.

Speed Control And Preset Programs:

Looking for the speed controlling levels and preset programs would be the right decision for you. Most normal blenders don’t come with specific speed control systems. But in our view, you should always invest your money on a blender that comes with at least four to five levels of speed controlling.

However, if you have enough budget to spend on a premium segment of the blender, make sure to go with an option with the present programs for blending. Basically, these preset programs will allow you to achieve the right texture of the food item that you are making or preparing with that particular blender.

Never Skip The Attachment Section:

If a blender doesn’t come with any specific attachment, then you should skip that particular blender option. We are saying this because the different types of attachments are helpful to make your blending experience better with your desired blender—attachments such as different blades, jars, bowls, and cups.

But also keep in mind that if you go with an option that comes with several attachments out of the box, then there is a higher chance, it will cost you higher than other blender options.

These were some of the major sections or points that you should never ignore while making the solid purchase decision related to blenders for the smoothie.

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