10 How to Use a Pressure Cooker – 6 Steps

In sealed vessels like a pressure-cooker, food gets thoroughly cooked with the help of pressurized steam. In high-pressure water produces steam, which helps in even cooking of food as it cannot escape from anywhere. Pressure cookers have been used for cooking foods like rice and lentils or many years in many households. However, many people across the world still do not know how amazing this cookware can prove to be. They are very easy to handle and will also reduce the amount of energy you waste from your home in cooking foods.

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Also, did you know many types of meats require long hours of cooking? But that time can be tremendously cut down once you start using a good pressure cooker. This cooker was invented by Denis Papin, who tried to build a vessel that maintains pressure but releases the extra air that inhibits the process. Once he succeeded, he knew what he has created is brilliant. Pressure cooker cooks far more quickly, when you compare its cooking, with the conventional boiling process. If you use them safely, you will start using them every day.

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However, we have noticed that many people have no idea of these cookers. In turn, they do not even know how to use them. As far as electric pressure cookers are concerned, we know that they are very easy to operate. The entire operation of such cookers can be regulated with a set of buttons on the control panel. You can also refer their manuals and understand everything in seconds. However, you will still have to thoroughly follow some basic steps before you head on to make any food in these cookers. Additionally, people who buy manual pressure cookers will also need this knowledge. Hence, today we are providing you with the same.

In the following points, we will understand the usage of a pressure cooker step by step –

1. Prepare and pick what you want to cook

Many people use a pressure cooker for cooking food like beans and lentils. However, you can also use these cookers to make delicious stews. Apart from that, many people also use pressure cookers for cooking rice. When the cooker is used for cooking rice, it takes lesser time and energy. If you cook your food on gas, cooking different meals on a pressure cooker will also help you save some money. As far as preparation is concerned, we have always advised people to wash all kinds of grains that they pick to cook. Generally, two to three washes in the water are sufficient. If you wish, you can also soak your beans and lentils for some time in the water. It will remove all the dirt and other particles from their shells, and you will only have hygienically prepared dishes on your plate.

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2. Add the food with water or stock in the pressure cooker

If you are preparing some kind of soup, it will be better to use meat stock in place of water for the cooking process. Meat stock, especially chicken stock, has many flavors, so it will help make your soup flavorful. But if you are sticking to preparing kidney beans or rice, using water will be sufficient. Make sure you use clean water for the process. We stress this because we only want you to cook the food most hygienically. Also, you will have to get details on the amount of water than different foods need. As compared to vegetables, grains require a lot of water for their cooking process. This is because they have very rigid structures that require high steam for proper penetration and even cooking. Such data is readily available these days, and you can also take the help of someone from your family who knows how to cook.

3. Close the cooker’s lid and make sure its valve is at the right position

Once you are done deciding the amount of water and the type of food you want to cook, you must have poured everything in the cooker. This is also the time when you would want to add your ingredients, such as spices or salt. However, you can entirely skip this addition if you do not wish to have these ingredients. After this, you will have to grab the lid of your pressure cooker and close it tightly. No matter which type of pressure cooker you use, you will always have to make sure that its valve is fixed correctly. The valve’s right fixture will help the cooker in not letting the air enter the cooker’s body. This will help in creating pressure in the cooker, which is what cooks food evenly. This is also the basic principle of pressure cooker with which it develops pressure inside it because air does not enter inside it.

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4. Select the pressure settings

If you own an electric pressure cooker, you might have to choose the pressure you want to cook. Generally, these types of cookers come with a manual where the pressure for different food types is categorically mentioned. Other than that, many cookers also have buttons on their frame, which display settings for foods which are all preset. Such pressure cookers are very easy to operate, and you will know how to use them as soon as you receive them. However, if you use a manual pressure cooker which only needs to be set on the stove, you will have to understand how its whistle works. People record the number of times in which the whistle blows as it explains how much the food might have been cooked. But again, you will have to get such whistle details for different foods. Either access the internet or take someone’s help. You are also required to set the heat to high for better cooking results before the whistle blows in such cookers.

5. Start the cooking process

Now you will have to set the cooker on the stove or cooktop. If the cooker is electric, you will have to plug it into the electrical outlet and switch it. The heat will start creating pressure in the cookware, and it will also boil the water. As the water boils, it will create steam. But since the cookware is enclosed, the steam won’t be able to escape. In turn, it will only keep penetrating the food resulting in its cooking. In electric pressure cookers, there is often a screen which will display the time that the food will require to be cooked thoroughly. This way, you won’t have to wait or check on the cooker again and again. And with manual cookers, as we mentioned earlier, you will have to know how many whistles the food will need. However, with such cookers, you will have to repeatedly check the food and the cooker before developing some experience.

6. Release the pressure once you are done

Many people choose to leave their foods after they turn the cookers off or take them from cooktops. In this duration, the pressure built inside the cooker gets released, and you can easily open the lid of the cookware. But if you wish to have the dish as soon as you are done, you will have to release the cooker’s pressure. For that, there is often a pressure release button in modern pressure cookers. Once you press it, the valves open, and the steam that develops inside gets released, thus reducing the pressure. But with manual pressure cookers, you will have to lift their whistles with a spoon or a spatula. They are doing that you will release steam, and the lid will start getting loose. Once you think, no more steam is left inside the cooker, just push the lid a little downwards, and you will be done. Again for this step too, you can always ask for someone’s help.


There is a range of meals that you can easily prepare with a pressure cooker. Such foods include tough cuts of different meats, beans, lentils, stews, squash, soups, artichokes, mashed potatoes, homemade stocks, etc. Pressure cookers also allow you to spend only a little time in the cooking process. When you compare this time with manual cooking, you will surely find a vast difference. And with more time, more energy is consumed. That is undoubtedly not good for your monthly bills. Additionally, wasting extra energy is also not good for the environment.

As everyone is moving towards a sustainable lifestyle, you should too. In such a journey, a pressure cooker will help you a lot. Other than steaming, you can also use pressure cookers for boiling, browning, and even poaching. These days many people have also started baking in a pressure cooker. Isn’t that surprising? Whether you plan to buy an electric pressure cooker or a manual pressure cooker, both will help you in great ways. Many recipes of tasty dishes on the internet only require you to have a pressure cooker as the cookware and nothing else. We hope your cooking journey in a pressure cooker is the one that you love.

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