10 Pressure Cookers Vs Slow Cookers – 5 Factors

There are many different techniques that are often used in cooking food. This is why cooks also need a variety of cookware to achieve a particular taste and texture in a dish. Additionally, the ways of cooking differ all around the world, and it becomes necessary to do everything correctly. There are also many traditional dishes that require you to use a particular type of cookware and vessels. You might not know about all of them, but you would certainly know a few things about a pressure cooker and a slow cooker.

Both of these cookers are used by a lot of people these days to cook food at their homes. While pressure cookers are the choice of people who do not like to own a lot of cookware, slow cookers are chosen by people who love making dishes that are full of flavors. This is the borderline difference between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker. However, today we are going to dive extremely deep to understand and compare both the types of these cookers.

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Once you are done going through everything, you will be able to understand what you should pick yourself if you do not have any of these cookers. Then, you will be able to make better food choices wherever you are. Beginners in cooking will also be able to learn many food cooking techniques and prepare a variety of dishes. Isn’t that wonderful? Also, getting these necessary details will also help you have all the information that you might need while you go shopping. But first, let us understand how these cookers work:

How a Slow Cooker Cooks?

How a Slow Cooker Cooks

There is a ceramic crock in these cookers which sits over an element that is extremely gentle. This way, the heat that enters the cooker only provides a low temperature for cooking. The entire process of cooking in these cookers is supposed to preserve the flavors, texture, and taste of many popular dishes that require hours and hours of cooking. You can cook food for many hours in a slow cooker without worrying about it getting burnt. Slow cookers are best for preparing stews. For meats, you can also leave these types of cookers on the cooktop overnight. You can leave these cookers unattended and do all your business. And when you are back in your kitchen, you will have tasty food on your bowls ready to eat.

How a Pressure Cooker Cooks?

How a Pressure Cooker Cooks?

When it comes to pressure cookers, you will have to know that they are all about saving the cooking time. Not every dish that you make will require slow cooking, hence to have a range of food in your diet, you might want to have cookware that will cut the time and help you lead a busy life peacefully. Pressure cookers generally incorporate steamed pressure that is created inside their body when they are heated on a flame or get an electrical supply. You will have to monitor them again and again as you cook. But the time required for the hardest-to-prepare dishes will still below if you continue to pick pressure cookers.

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Pressure Cooker Vs Slow Cooker

Pressure Cooker vs Slow Cooker

Below we have set five factors that set slow cookers and pressure cookers apart. Let us discuss them all –

1. Time

If you think of making a dish on low heat, what is the maximum duration that you can think of? Probably a couple of hours, right? But with a slow cooker, food can be cooker up to 10 hours. And in some slow cookers, this duration is even more. In such cooking, the flavors of the food get blended again and again, and the natural oils of food items are always preserved. However, pressure cookers work in just the opposite way. They do not take a lot of time and instead cut the cooking period to half and sometimes even lesser. They are built so that food gets cooked extra quickly, and you do not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So, if you want to cook fast, pick a pressure cooker, but if you’re going to cook flavorful dishes, a slow cooker or a crock-pot will be a better choice.

2. Energy Consumption

As we have discussed that slow cookers take more time in the cooking process, you might have guessed that they eat up more energy too. Even though this level can be tolerated when you compare it to the energy requirement of pressure cookers, it is still very high. Just for some added flavors, people might not want to pay huge money in their bills. Such people hence choose pressure cookers over anything else. And that does not mean that the food cooked in a pressure cooker is always bland; if you know the correct procedure, you will end up with the tastiest dishes. Slow cookers are often used by professionals who like to cook in the best ways and do not wish to disturb the essence of some of the very famous dishes that are traditionally cooked in slow cookers. In the long preparation time, you might imagine the layers of taste in the dish. It will be marvelous, surely.

3. Planning Meals

If you plan meals ahead of time, working with a slow cooker might not be difficult for you. You will know when you want the dishes at your table and prepare all the necessary ingredients accordingly. You will also take care of the time that the cookware will eat up in the cooking process. However, in this fast-paced life, a considerable proportion of people skip on planning their meals. They only think about it a few hours before and head to their kitchens. For some people, slow cookers are not something that will impress them. What actually will help them is pressure cookers. Whether they wish to have meats or veggies, everything will be prepared and cooked in less than an hour, and many people enjoy cooking like that for sure. So, it also depends on your cooking style. Just be aware of what category of a person you are, and you will see yourself working with cookware that won’t disappoint you.

4. Cooking Vegan Proteins like Beans and Lentils

When you are a vegan, you will have to reach out to beans and lentil for that protein. This is because you will end eating meats of all types. But did you know? Beans take a lot of time to cook. Some beans are also supposed to be soaked in water overnight, and they still need a couple of hours to get cooked evenly and thoroughly. Many people pick a slow cooker for the process, but you have to know that if you do that, you will surely end up with split beans that look more like a thick soup. This also destroys their taste, and you won’t be able to consume them regularly. But if you switch to pressure cookers, the time of cooking will get reduced, and the beans will also never break or split. This way, their taste will be fully preserved, and you will be able to enjoy eating them whenever you want. With pressure cookers, you will realize how tasty beans and lentils can be.

5. Space Requirements and types of food that you can cook

With slow cookers, there are only certain types of dishes that you can prepare. However, such dishes are very tasty, and you will enjoy eating them a lot. But again, the number of dishes is limited. On the other hand, in pressure cookers, you can literally cook anything. Whether it is a stew, meat, or lentils, you name it, and the pressure cooker will help you in preparing it. Many people also cook rice in these cookers. Additionally, we also know cooks who have now started to bake small desserts in their pressure cookers. This way, you will not have to own much cookware in your kitchen, and in turn, it will help you save space and money at the same time. Pressure cookers are these big pots where you can throw all types of foods, and they will get cooked in the best possible ways. For sustainable living, pressure cookers are simply the best.

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Both pressure and slow cookers have their separate benefits. Therefore, everything depends on your preference, and you can decide which type of cooker will suit your cooking needs. This time we have tried to compare a variety of factors to make a better comparison between both the cookers. You should also be aware of the process you go through while you enter the kitchen and how you like to cook. Knowing such small things will surely help you in understanding a lot about everything and not just these cookers. If you still have problems, you can also ask your friends and family about their choice of the cooker, and you will then understand things even more. Again, both these cookers are good, and it all depends on what you like and don’t like. We hope that you end up with the cooker of your choice soon.

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