Privacy Policy

Here, you will find the information about the Privacy Policy of the website We will disclose the data sharing and storage policy that we adhere to. By being on this page, you automatically agree to accept the privacy policy of this site. If at any point, you do not agree with our policy, you are advised to exit the page immediately. It should also be noted that the analytical engine would start collecting the data as soon as you visit any page of our website. The information collected by the engine is restricted to cookies and other technical information. We do not collect any personal or sensitive information without your consent.

All the personal information is collected when you submit it manually. An example of this could be the information that you submit while adding a comment. We store such information, and we can use it to share the marketing content with you. If you are already receiving the marketing material and if you wish to discontinue receiving it then you are requested to contact us, and we will unsubscribe you. You are strictly advised to ensure that you do not submit or share any financial information via the website or the forms on the site. Our team would hold no responsibility for any obligation that arises out of it.

The significant portion of the information that we collect using the website is the IP Address. Cookies, Information of Browser, Information of Device Used and the time of visit. All this information is further processed, and it helps us with the required analytics. We often make modifications to our content based on this information collected. We have some interactive services & advertising services on our website. They commonly consume cookies. If you wish to restrict the usage of cookies, then you need to change the internet settings of your browser. However, changing the settings may impact the performance of the website.

Data that has been gathered by us is treated as highly confidential, and the data is not sold or shared with any third party. We do not use your email address for spam emails. Our hosts also follow strict laws to retain and transmit the data. It should be noted that in some of the cases, the data is transferred outside the geographical boundaries. This transmission only happens when the hosts or the servers are located outside the geographic location. We also pay a lot of attention to cyber threats, and we ensure that our platform remains safe. We sanitize our website to ensure that no malware can infect your system. However, we do not take responsibility for any cyberattack. We do not even take ownership of any issue that may arise on your system because of visiting our website.

If you need any more information about the privacy policy, then we would be happy to address your questions. Please write back to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.